Leopard II and Happy Christmas


Happy Christmas to EVERYBODY

When you see today my latest kit, almost finished, maybe you think I’m into wars. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. We are closer to a time of LOVE. Someone, Jesus Christ is going to be born…to die.

What? Isn’t it a blog about scratch? About hobbies and joy? Mmmm yes…and no. It’s about intimacy, care, candor, it’s about ideas and the making, about life. That’s what I’m into. Before telling you a bit the process of this tank, I should say as a disclaimer that I don’t consider myself a modellist, nor a thinker but an apprentice in this and that and in life. I’m following a path. The things I’m going through are not only ideas, plastic, glues or paint mixing, it’s a discovery. Maybe it is the right time to speak up.

Christ is going to be born again and again to die for us, for all of us, because he loves us all. Isn’t it the greatest prove of Love? I’m into this, into the strong believing that if you love, you truly love someone, everybody, anything, you have to forget yourself, give everything, surrender to the one you love, those surrounding you, to the task you are doing… It’s a time for sacrifice. Yah, yah, Currently these thoughts are not popular, it’s easier to consume, to think much on yourself…and I’m scoping it’s the other way round. Do I really want to do my best? Ok, leave eveything in the hands of God, don’t expect to be the best of the best “per se”, but with the hope others, the one you love, the ones are surrounding you, the kit you are doing will be the best, the target, the objective, the bull’s eye.

I guess if I follow this path, this example…

It is a 1:35 plastic kit made by Italeri. I haven’t got all the credits on the making since I bought it half assembled for 5 bucks. A bargain.

Some of the wheels were extremely glued so I couldn’t make it movable, but, anyway, it’s beautiful, I like tanks and it deserved to be finished.

Here you can see I used a gray priming spray.



One of the things I have learnt in the making is that not all deserts have the same tone of sand. It sounds obvious, I know, but as I intended to do a tank for the Iraqui War, I looked for information and found out the colour of the sand in Iraq was a bit darker than the one in the North of Africa I had been doing in other kits (WWII kits). These are the colours I used, a dark yellish mixed with white and the result is at the bottom.

Some photos during the painting, using my Iwata compressor and airbrush.



The tank tracks are primed and used a mixture of some drops of silver mixed with blak to give them a metal finish touch.




For three hours I was using a brush and the handmade result doesn’t look as bad, I think.

Nop. It is not finished. Say it’s in a mid stage, lots of detals have to be thought and done. Do you like it so far?

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